Bad Parenting 101: Makeup Look From Hell!

Bad Parenting 101: Makeup Look From Hell!

by S. Gul

Parents have done the unthinkable to whip their kids into shape.

Like when someone I know *cough* not me *cough* had their parent spread chili paste on their (again, not mine) fingers to get ‘them’ to stop biting their fingernails.

Does it work? Heck no!

There is such a practise of purity called WASHING YOUR HANDS

For this family, the parents figured the best way to break her obsession with her smartphone.

Sad to say it blew up in their faces when the ‘panda eyes’ had terrible repercussions. 

The girl’s panda eyes pic went viral and got a few chuckles from netizens.

LITTLE DID THEY KNOW they might have damaged their child’s noggin'! 

When the girl was asleep, the mom set her dumbass plan into action by applying the black eye shadow around the girls eyes-looking like she got punched in both eyes 20 times. HOLY CR*P!

Makeup look from hell. 

The obvious occurred after when the little girl woke up screaming like a banshee.

B*tch I’d scream too if I saw my eye sockets like that first thing in the morning!

I mean, they already do every morning -really wakes me up back into reality.

Ah…Satan’s work is truly plausible.

Anywho, back to the news story.

The girl was scared outta her wits and bawled her eyes out while the mom calmly told her off for playing too much of that ratchet device.

Woman, YOU and your husband were prolly the ones who got it for her so you should then know how to take it back with some decency.  

The Thai parents were suggesting their oh-so brilliant plan to their friends when they shared the pic of the girl.

Meanwhile, Public Health Malaysia came across the post on Facebook and shared their thoughts on the self-proclaimed fool-proof strategy disguised as a harmless prank. 

Gurl, it is anything but a prank.

PHM said Malaysian parents should beware of this god awful prank which could give your kid psychological scars and life-long trauma.

Teen acne scars are enough to have relationship issues,don’t dump this on your kids too.

We get that every parent knows their kid the best but this is coming from a group of professionals (the dudes from PHM not us)

They ended by saying that ultimately, it was up to the parents on how to teach and educate their children, but they did not think that pranking their kids was a good method.

Every parent has their own unique way of raising their children but they should make mistakes and learn from them by themselves. 

Ofcourse the internet was full of opinions about it being a harmless prank( the girl's Kim k's crying face doesn't say the same) while others thought of it as child abuse. 

A world divided once again- highly influenced by the upbringing of themselves. 

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