Top 10 Best Christmas Setups in KL & Selangor You Have to Check Out!

Top 10 Best Christmas Setups in KL & Selangor You Have to Check Out!
Dec 4, 2019
8:15 am

by Mitchell W.

I'm someone who loves Christmas...from the decorations, joyous jingles, and seeing family actually spending time together instead of zooming in on their phones every few seconds.

Sadly, in the past few years, the Christmas spirit in Malaysia has pretty much gone to sh*t (excuse my french) -- lack of Christmas decorations, hardly ever hearing Christmas music being played in the malls, and people just not really giving a rat's arse (again, forgive my french).

Well, in hopes to re-ignite the Christmas spirit for 2019, there are 10 Places You'll Wanna Go to Enjoy the Feels of Christmas!

1. Pavilion, KL

There's a Star Wars-themed setup with a huge 40ft tall Millennium Falcon along with the Christmas decos!

No one needs any other reason of why you should go.


2. Berjaya Time Square, KL

The experience is like falling asleep and in your dream, you're at an enchanted world where there are huge red balls all over, with a warming and inviting feel.

As for the tree, y'know you can always count on BTS to deliver an amazing Christmas tree.


3. Sunway Pyramid, PJ

Ever wondered how a German Christmas would be like?

Well over at Pyramid, you'll experience the replica of Altmarkt Square in Dresden, Germany -- and there's even a 36-feet tall traditional Christmas Pyramid, featuring a display of rotating German carved figures on each level.

Here's a bonus: If you're at Pyramid at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm every weekend till Christmas Day, you'll get to experience SNOW!


4. Quill City Mall, KL

It's a Lego Christmas at Quill City Mall -- so you can build your dream Christmas from blocks!

Oh, there's a 20-feet tall Christmas tree made from Legos in the centre of the mall too.


5. Suria KLCC, KL

You don't have to a build a snowman cause there are many of 'em at the concourse area, where it has been transformed into a Christmas Wonderland with a grand Clock Tower.

Not to forget that there's also a 20-feet Ferris Wheel too, and KLCC's prime Christmas pride -- the tallest Christmas tree in Malaysia, standing at 100-feet and decorated with over 7,000 colorful balls.


6. Bangsar Shopping Centre

The highlight is the pimped-out Golden Santa and his golden nutcrackers standing guard.

There will be Christmas pop-up stores, so if you haven't gotten Christmas gifts for your love ones, drop by and check it all out.


7. Sunway Putra Mall

At Sunway Putra Mall, prepare for an Austrian (not Australian) Christmas.

Designed to look like the highland of Mount Advent in Salzburg, you'll not only experience Christmas the Austrian way...but you'll also get a taste of Austria when you walk through the Grossarl Market.


8. Mid Valley Megamall, KL

It honestly feels like you've just walked into the North Pole, where there are colourful Christmas present boxes, red nose reindeer, sleigh, teddy bear, and stockings.

This is will put the hearty Christas "HO!" in your holiday.


9. IPC Shopping Centre, PJ

Tis' the place to be if you're "dreaming of a white Christmas".

The huge lighted crystal globe in the middle...inside, there's a 15-feet Christmas tree.

For the kids, you'll get to enjoy a tour around the concourse area on a magical train ride!


10.  Sunway Velocity Mall, KL

Welcome to a Finnish-themed Christmas, where you'll be transported to the magical Christmas Market in Rovaniemi, Finland.

I've never been to Finland, so I'm pretty excited to head on over here and get all cosy over at that yellow couch by the fireplace.


That's about as Christmas-sy as it'll get here in Malaysia, and it is definitely better than nothing.

At least you can say you've experienced an international Christmas at any of these 10 spots.

Vanei Koh IPC Shopping Centre PJ Set up nice~!

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