Exclusive St. Patrick's Day Party!

Exclusive St. Patrick's Day Party!
Mar 12, 2018
5:24 pm

If you wanna party with the elites, you gotta keep it exclusive - which is exactly what this party is.

Invite-only is the only way you're getting through those doors. Seriously... you will need a specific QR Code.

How? Easy... Click on the link below and register:

Jameson Live Party

It's a party not to be missed. If you are approved, you'll get your QR Code 5 Days before 17 Mar 2018.

It's gonna be one really exciting St. Patrick's Day this year. This is also Jameson Live's first in Malaysia so you know you gotta experience it for yourself.

WHEN: Saturday, 17 MAR 2018

TIME: 4PM till late

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