Fashion Critic Who Body-Shamed People Over 60kg

Fashion Critic Who Body-Shamed People Over 60kg
Apr 20, 2018
10:48 am

So people weighing more than 60kg make you feel "awkward and uncomfortable" do they? Why would they? It's their friggin' bodies, not yours pfft..

Are you friggin' kidding me?! It's way more awkward & uncomfortable to have an ugly old lady with a bad heart sitting next to me...knock knock lady... buy a mirror!

To put context to this story, this fashion critic Zaihani Mohd Zain said that people who weigh 60kg and above shouldn't attend fashion shows cause it makes people sitting next to them "awkward and uncomfortable."

Really? Cause I personally weigh more than 60kg, and I've attended fashion shows too - no one said I made them feel awkward or uncomfortable.. funny...

Here's another thing that gets to me; she's not just a fashion critic, but also a sought-after image what are you trying to tell people who weigh more than 60kg? Body-shaming is VERY last season Granny... 

Many people aren't at all pleased with her body-shaming statement, even local comedian Harith Iskandar...

In a 2016 interview with Tatler, Zaihani said: "Watch your weight. People may say size doesn't matter but who are we kidding? It does! If you love fashion and enjoy dressing up, then there are sacrifices to be made."

Guess this bag of bones never heard of Plus-size modelling. Get with the times Granny, all sizes are beautiful. 

Anyway I couldn't help myself from adding coal to this fire with this joke. Hold on:

"Zaihani, you're so old that you definitely breast-feed like this..."

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