The Longest Café in Malaysia

The Longest Café in Malaysia
May 4, 2018
5:16 pm

It is a well-known café located at the north of Peninsular Malaysia, Penang that is. China House is being recognized as the longest café and they have started the business since 2011. 

The café has approximately 400 feet (120 meters) long for its entire shop. That’s a pretty long café to handle you would say. It was not done intentionally but the concept of connecting the heritage buildings together which formed 14 sections!

Each section does come with its uniqueness!

The cakes are their signature for its café, you can’t buy anywhere else but here. There are several in-house bakers who baked all the exquisite cakes! You cannot miss it!

The entrance of the shop gives a decent appearance as usual cafés would be.

Customers are able to draw with using crayons and mahjong paper, to the artsy people out there, you will fell in love with the crafty vibe!

The library, 14 Chairs and Vine & Single are their popular sections out from 14.

Courtyard as one of their eye-catching section, where you can definitely dine-in and enjoy the sunshine and scenery!

Pooling section is also a great chill out zone with friends and family! This café will be ideally your one-stop place to hangout!

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