David Bowie Takes over Subway Station-cum-Art Museum

David Bowie Takes over Subway Station-cum-Art Museum
May 5, 2018
11:26 am

Do you remember this guy?

Well, the iconic rocker has taken the Broadway-Lafayette station to a whole new level by exhibiting his work of art to the music industry. 

From photos to subway metrocards, it is all about the appreciation tribute to David Bowie. The subway station has come to alive where each step is worthy. The installation is done by the streaming company; Spotify which is exhibiting until 13 May 2018.

“David Bowie is Here” is what they have named the entire exhibition in the station.

250,000 David Bowie Subway Metrocards were printed and sold out fast.

It is a glimpse of David Bowie's exhibitition at the Brooklyn Museum.

This is the map of David Bowie’s favourite spots - which is nearby the station itself.

David Bowie appeared in an iconic play as “The Elephant Man”. Drawing of David Bowie is artistic enough. Some photos do come with certain codes that require you to listen to his songs as you walk along the station.

His quotes are being displayed - which speaks about the entire exhibition in the subway station.

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