[MUST GO] Durian Park in the Heart of KL!

[MUST GO] Durian Park in the Heart of KL!
May 8, 2018
11:45 am

WHAT: It's a Durian Park! I don't think you need to know anything more than the fact that there's gonna be a whole of of durian! We're talking Musang King ice-cream bars, tasting platters and more! It's a Durian Paradise!

For RM49, this tasting platter offers you 5 different varieties of Durians: Musang King, D13, D101, D24 XO, and selected kampung durian

WHERE: DurianBB Park, Jalan Kamuning, Imbi, Kuala Lumpur | Google Maps: DurianBB Park

You'll experience the many different and unique ways of enjoying durian - maybe even convert your friends and family members who aren't a fan of the taste and smell.

Dayummm, this is already making my mouth water... let's share the experience with you so you'll share the same cravings that I have.

Made from pure Musang King flesh

Roti Durian! Ohmygee!!

Time to get really Asian by eating it with rice!

Cosy little corner to make friends with fellow Durian-lovers

OPERATING HOURS: 12.00PM - 11.00PM (daily)

CONTACT NUMBER: +6012 678 5445

FOR MORE INFO: DurianBB Park Facebook | DurianBB Park Instagram

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