Ready to Fly AirBN?

Ready to Fly AirBN?
May 8, 2018
12:55 pm

A blue AirAsia plane was spotted yesterday (7 May 2018) at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) so y'know it rose suspicion - especially with #GE14 only a day away...and we ALL KNOW which political party is favouring the colour blue *hint hint*

Oh man I actually thought it was blue cause Tan Sri Vincent Tan's football team Cardiff City made it back to the EPL...

The A330-300 aircraft got all blued up featuring Barisan National's manifesto slogan "Hebatkan Negaraku" with its English translation "Make My Country Greater" right below... Pfft...tsk tsk

So I wonder... does this mean that AirAsia Berhad & Tan Sri Tony Fernandes are voting for BN? Oh well it's your country...your vote is your voice after all...

The aircraft wasn't the only thing that received a makeover... it seem that so did the air stewardess....

"As long as BN is in office, we will continue to support pioneering businesses such as AirAsia that benefit the people, bring Malaysians closer together, and fly the Malaysian flag high." said Najib Razak. 

Well Tan Sri Tony Fernandes still urges all Malaysians to #VoteWisely, and we at MYC! sincerely hope that everyone do - after all, Malaysia is YOUR country and whoever is in power, you'll have them leading the country for the next 5 yearsNow that's a VERY long time... Anyway, here's a video by Tan Sri Tony:

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