#GE14Memes That are Pretty Hilarious

#GE14Memes That are Pretty Hilarious
May 11, 2018
12:45 pm

In spirit of celebrating a new Malaysia and history being made, here are some funny memes that caught our eye, and are trending all over social media.

Do you need a microscope?


The Ruler of the Great Republic of Putrajaya(?)

Pick a Side...but by now we all know who won :)

"I'm Back" - The Tunminator

Would you car to do a Caraoke with these fellas?

Could've guessed who would play Thanos...

Since they haven't officially named the new party...or have they(?)

Good thing GE14, we got the better one...

Someone now has no money to buy a submarine...aww

Point of This: Don't Get into Politics. Save your money on hair dye.

p.s: that's our former MYC! employee...the one on the left; not Najib.

and since this was a meme, we had to make one of our own...

Let us know who do you think will win this battle

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