This App Helps You Find Food!

This App Helps You Find Food!
May 16, 2018
3:29 pm

You're probably hungry so let's not waste time and get right into it. This magical app is called The Mood Menu and oh boy it won't only help you find great places to eat, but might actually help you save your relationship!

What's really neat about it is that this IPC Shopping Centre's app finds you places to dine according to your mood! Yeah, it's like a Spotify-ed menu - which it might actually be...

So how it works is that The Mood Menu kinda stalks you by going through your recent playback history to find out the mood you're currently in - VERY COOL! Wish I had this app wayyy earlier...spent too much at McD and bars...

Of course, being an IPC app, you'll be directed to eateries in the mall - but hey, that ain't too bad at all. I personally love the place!

Oh there's more! You can screenshot the suggestions to redeem special discounts and freebies from selected eateries: 

Nando's: One FREE 1/4 chicken with two sides, with purchase of three sets of 1/4 chicken with two sides
Noodle Shack: 20% off all items
Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul: 15% off à la carte items
Bread Story: 15% off on normal priced items
Magnum Café: 15% off à la carte items
Hana Japanese Dining: 15% off total bill
Dome: RM9.90 for a slice of cake
Starbucks: 15% off for a Frappuccino 
- And many more!

Not convinced? Check out their website by clicking right HERE

Download the app by selecting Mood Menu_App Store or Mood Menu_Google Play Store and get scrolling now!

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