Is Google Duplex Better than Siri?

Is Google Duplex Better than Siri?
May 18, 2018
3:20 pm

Pretty sure, most of us here tried talking through a stand fan just to make ourselves sounds “robotic”. Ahh good old days :’)

But… what if robots sound just like us, humans? #plottwist

Demo of Google assistant performing its newly learned tricks were shown at Google I/O 2018. Google Duplex is able to make life-like phone calls that sounds surprisingly human. Whattttttt?!?! CHECK IT OUT!!

Imagine how cool and convenient it will be to have your phone to call for delivery or make reservations on your behalf.Worry no more about busy line and bad-attitude receptionists.

So how does this work?

You simply have to ask Assistant straight from Google Home or for Andriod & Iphone user, text to the app with info of where & when along with some backup options.

With new information comes new criticism. Human as individual that desire genuine and reciprocal relationship, will it be an issue having to second guess whether human or AI is speaking to us when picking up calls?

Rest assured, Google take in critics pretty well and soon announced that transparency will be ensured.

Although, this is just a demo of an early development, this leap in technology again show the infinite possibilities of future advancement. Help me answer call from relatives that like to bombard me with question TQVM.

Google Duplex, the homo-sapiens population welcome you. Please don’t replace us tho!

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