For that Flawless Makeup...

For that Flawless Makeup...

by Jenicee

Makeup is not a mask; it enhances the appearance of the face, fragrance and texture of the body. So guys, if you're a little clueless on how to choose the right make-up, let's figure it out together and try out some cooln cosmetics that suits difference skin tones.

Let's fill your makeup bag with Sephora!

Mattifying Pressed Powder


It’s matte and creates a natural-looking coverage. It helps to minimize fine lines and pores. Fret not! Matte pressed powder can last for up to 8 hours, compared to Maybelline.

Cream Lip Stain


My favorite lip cream compared to any other brand because other brands like Huda for instance can make your lips dry but Sephora will soften your lips. It gives a matte finish that last for hours even after you eat oily stuff.

Super Slim Pen Eyeliner


Applying black eyeliner is known to catch the attention of many. Oh, it also makes your eyes bigger and adds a dramatic look as well.

Miniature Eyeshadow Palette


This miniature Eyeshadow Palette enhances your eye shape and ranges from natural to Smokey eyes. It’s cool! Try it out guys. The price also quite reasonable compared to others.

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