Raya Fashion 2018: Zalora Edition

Raya Fashion 2018: Zalora Edition

by Felicia

Hari Raya is coming soon like a flash of light, the mall be packed like sardines in a can with people hunting for Raya clothings. Say NO to hunting for parking and long-waiting queues when there are gems that can easily be bought on Zalora!

Zalia – Embroidered Lace Piece Peplum (RM170)

Simple white and black as base of the baju kurung, with touch-up of embroidered flower lace. If you are looking for something unique yet elegant, this is definitely your to-buy apparel.

Zalia – Embellished Mermaid Dress (RM220)

Let your Ariel-dreams comes true. This embellished laced maxi-dress with embroidered details give out that mermaid vibe. Not only suitable for Raya but also all different occasions.  

Lubna – Structured Flared Sleeves Top with Mermaid Skirt

Fan of simplistic fashion? Time to add this baju kurung in your wishlist. With the selections of 4 colours, you and your squad can wear it together and slay this Hari Raya.  What are you waiting for!

Rizalman for Zalora – Peshwa Modern Kurung with Sash (RM590)

The Must-Have if you are planning to go all out this Raya. This monochrome baju kurung screams CLASSY. Who knows, maybe you could even divert your relatives’ attention to this kurung instead of whether you have a boyfriend.

Gene Martino – Fairy Kurung with Exclusive Glitered Embroidery Scallop Lace (RM180)

Colourful approach that cater to people with different preferences. Glittered Embroidery Scallop Lace is the plus point of this outfit. Also comes in simple white and elegant red.

Zalia – Lace Kimono Kebaya (RM145)

Perfect solid shade Kebaya to match with any of your accessories. Both light gold and silver white highlight the gracefulness of one. Definitely WOW-worthy

Guilt no more as all these beautiful clothing are not only suitable for Raya but also all sorts of occasions.

P.s. These are currently on sales in Zalora, SNATCH it before it’s too late!

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