Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Sleep Kit | RM48.00

We do think that after a long day of working hard, he'd deserve a good night of sleep at the least. This sleep kit would would send your dad to Wonderland easily - hence giving him a relaxing night.

WHERE TO BUY: Sephora Sleep Kit

2. Men's Grooming Kit | RM93.00

To keep your dad looking as handsome as he deserves to feel, let's get dad something better to wash his face with than a cheap bar of soap - which isn't even good for his skin btw. This full set would do just the trick.

WHERE TO BUY: Sephora Face Appeal Kit

3. ALDO Men Wristwatch | RM175.85

Well this is just so your dad can keep track of time and make it back on time for a nice family dinner. Y'know how it is for dads out there...always too busy with work.. & it would look really elegant on him.

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora ALDO Men Wristwatch

4. Elegant Perfume for Men | RM185.50

While you keep your dad up to date with the latest look, let's also keep him smelling great. Your mom will be all over him once she smells this on him - so, you're welcome dad!

WHERE TO BUY: Mont Blanc Perfume for Men

5. Gym Bag | RM151.80

With every great apparel, let's also get him something stylish to put 'em in. Your dad could use a reall cool bag to bring with him to the gym or for those short holidays.

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora River Island Bag

6. Sleek Work Briefcase | RM46.25

If you're tired of seeing your dad bringing the same ol' worn-out briefcase to work everyday, this would be a great gift for him. It's both elegantly sleek and casual as well. He'll definitely appreciate this a lot.

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora Slim Work Briefcase

7. Portable Powerbank | RM93.00

Everyone needs this - and he may already have one...but then again, doesn't hurt to have another right?

WHERE TO BUY: Shoppee 20,000 mAh Powerbank

8. Clip-on Sunglasses | RM33.00

This is always pretty handy - especially if your dad wears presciption glasses. Why not get him this when it is so easy to use? He doesn't even have to take off his spectacles; just clip it on!

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora A FRENZ Clip-on Sunglasses

9. Wallet | RM121.70

A men's accessory that would never be bad to have another of. This is always an ideal suggestion to keep in your back pocket.

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora Burton Wallet

10. Formal-wear Accessories | RM49.90

Rather than having to scratch your head on wondering if your dad wants another tie/ cuff links/ tie clip / handkerchief, why not just get him all of it, in ONE set! 

WHERE TO BUY: Zalora Jackbox Formal-wear Accessories

11. Healthy Nuts | RM27.90

If your dad is the type who loves snacking, he'll love this. Healthier and he'll be able to enjoy it without feeling too guilty.

WHERE TO BUY: Amazin' Nuts Variety Box

12. Gadget Case | RM138.00

He probably got too many gadgets to fit into his pockets - so now he can put his laptop, tablet, phone, powerback, cables, etc all into one. Less hassle, and he'll be able to get around faster without looking like he smuggled stuff into his pants.


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