JPJ Warns Driver to Update Licence or Else...

JPJ Warns Driver to Update Licence or Else...
Jun 8, 2018
2:11 pm

Well as of yesterday, 7 June 2018, all drivers are ordering all drivers to update their mailing address on their driving licence within two months of the change; for those of you who moved away from home or rented a house outside la...

Failure to do so is considered a crime by JPJ so please do it... make sure it is a complete address as well.

So if you haven't updated yours, do it ASAP at any state JPJ branches or Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) nationwide for free. 

However, if you're a mySIKAP ID member, you don't have to go through the hassle of the long waits as you can do it online! 

If you've yet to sign up, do it right here: mySIKAP

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