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A RM898 Infinity-Screen Smartphone! Is it Worth Checking Out???

A RM898 Infinity-Screen Smartphone! Is it Worth Checking Out???
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
Sep 5, 2018
12:32 pm

French mobile brand Alcatel (owned by Nokia) launched its NEWEST flagship smartphone, the Alcatel 5V.

Having said that, this would also be Alcatel's first infinity-screen smartphone, with a 19:9 FullView display on a 6.2" screen. WOOHOO!

That's not all that is great about the 5V; it also has a Pro AI Dual Camera with a fully integrated Google Lens - giving you increased efficiency and even more interactivity!

Now...for the price...

For a phone with an infinity screen + 32GB internal storage + 3GB RAM, a smartphone like that would usually sell for around RM1,500 - RM2,300-ish right? (well also depending on the brand la...)

The Alcatel 5V is being sold now in the market for a wicked RM898.00!!! (before SST)

Yo, we even got our hands on one... come check it out!

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