Malaysian Robin Hood? Man Gives Out Free Medical Marijuana!

Malaysian Robin Hood? Man Gives Out Free Medical Marijuana!

Just a day before Merdeka, a 29-year old gradaute of Muhammad Lukman Bin Mohammad was found guilty on possesing and distributing oil subtance marijuana, (for the sake of the good though!) and found a total of two kilograms of dried dregs marijuana with 260g of cannabis in his home and was arrested along with his five-month pregnant wife but she was then released for innocence.

Lukman used the cannabis oil only for medical puposes and he had given this treatment to not less than 800 people! We have come to the point where marijuana is illegal and considered it a taboo topic, so Lukman was sentenced to death!

Honestly though, marijuana is being accepted in many countries of the world as one of the herbs that has the nourishment and healing advantages especially in treating various chronic diseases! Marijuana doesn't get you addicted and it's completely harmless.

Samantha, a lawyer who's helping in the case that marijuana is not a 'vicious' drug unlike heroine or cocaine.

"We are wasting money, clogging up the justice system and over-crowding our prisons. Now around 59% of cases in the prison are those who commit non-violent drug-related offenses. The truth is that cannabis should not be treated on the same level as hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine. "With marijuana the chances of addiction are very minimal, but somehow it is categorized along with heroin and methampethamine. This needs to be reviewed, especially considering the traditional use of cannabis for medicinal value," says Samantha

The problem is that a lot of young generations nowadays use drugs for fun until it destroys family institutions and so on, now we should be able to take a stand to change the perspective on the usage of this drug.

We think that this man has done us a really good favour in terms of helping the poor with free medicine who can't afford to pay. 

We don't think that Lukman's death sentence is fair considering that he helped the poor! We hope everything will be okay for him! #fingerscross! 

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