Day in the Life of a 7.2 ft Dutch Giant

Day in the Life of a 7.2 ft Dutch Giant
Nov 28, 2018
11:38 am

This is Olivier Richters aka The Dutch Giant, also known as the World's Tallest Bodybuilder -- he stands at 218cm yo!

So we know one of the biggest tall-people problems is with trying to feed yourself with enough food to match with the amount of calories that you burn in a day - being all tall and sh*ts lol...

We often see many tall-but-scrawny guys but never have we seen an actual real-life Goliath (I'm referring to the one in the Bible...), being one as well-built as Olivier is.

The usual tall guy...

The Olivier Richters-kinda tall guy..

Yes, we know that we don't have an actual 7.2 ft Malaysian, but if you're super tall -- like towering above everyone you walk past, then you will definitely wanna watch this video.

Oliver will take you through his struggles being that tall and also share with you on what he eats to gain & maintain his massive size.

So if you're planning on bulking and building, as a tall guy, check this out:

P/s: Don't eat like this if you're a little guy... #notdescriminating

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